The Brotherhood of the Beast

Join this band of degenerate eskimos as they try to raise up Great C'thulhu from his massive undersea prison. The Stars are Right, so get out your sacrificial daggers because the Feaster from the Stars is about to return, and you can be the one who makes it happen! Become a pawn of the Great Old Ones, sacrifice your sanity to the Things That Should Not Be, and get a chance to visit the authentic Mountains of Madness. Disclaimer: Due to their non-Euclidean nature, Shoggoths will only be offered to the first ten who arrive.

The Children of the Damned

The Devil himself will personally welcome you into the ranks of the damned as you begin your new career of professional diabolist. Enter corporate society with the job of bringing positive spin to 'eternal damnation', all the time working your way up through demonic society with a unique chance to meet the Antichrist himself! The bureaucratic nature of this organization unfortunately require you sign away certain aspects of your being away (namely your soul), but rest assured you will receive your heart's desire in exchange to a lifetime of servitude to any number of demonic intelligences.
(Offer not valid in some states - Sorry, Tennessee!)

The Jack T. Chick Pamphleteers

Perhaps the most frightening and evil of all cults, this mind-control organization will eagerly welcome you into their ranks as they transform you into a brainwashed puppet-minion. Join now and get a chance to leave tiny religious comic books at ATM machines and bus stops and other assorted places, cluttering them all up with ignorant and reactionary waste products. By becoming a member you get to spout meaningless drivel to college students in front of libraries, condemning all sinners and fornicators to Hell with the smug knowledge that you alone will be saved as they writhe in eternal torment forever. Yeah right.

Additional Links for Ye All
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