Updates on Evil

8-25-08 - The webpage isnít done yet, but you can get a preview here. I still want to redo the main banner so itís the same size as the drop down menu, and add some special material, and get the evil plan generator up and running. For the moment I think Iím just going to link to the old one.

The biggest problem is the web host (110mb.com) is apparently powered by two asthmatic hamsters whoíve just gone into a diabetic coma. At least half the time I try to visit the site, itís down. Iím going to look into getting a different provider when I have some free time.

06-30-08 - Wow, it's been a long time. I have two exciting updates for you:

#1 - I have a new journal, called The Blog of Bad. It is dedicated to everything that is horrible in the known universe. Visit it at your peril.

#2 - I will be doing a complete revamp of this website and moving it to its own host within the next month or so. Frames that don't suck! Images that aren't horribly cropped! Links that actually go somewhere when you click on them! Has the whole world gone mad?

03-29-03 - The book is finally out! Muahahahaha and whatnot. You can buy a copy of it here, as well as a bunch of other places on the web.

As for this homepage, I hope to move it to some actual decent server space in the near future, without all the annoying pop-ups. Also, if anyone needs to drop me a line, you can do so at nzawacki@hotmail.com

01-06-03 - Yeah, yeah, it's been a long time since my last update. For those who are interested, the book based on this website is finally coming out. The official publication date is April 2003. I actually finished the manuscript over two years ago, but was then introduced to the wacky-ever delayed world of modern publishing:

ME: There ya go! Finished copy!
THEM: This looks great! We'll have it in stores in two years!
ME: Eh?

Anyway, the title is now How to be a Villain, and you can read about it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble.com, the Chronicle Books website, and other websites that currently escape my brain.

7-28-01 - Finished the website move, we're back on tripod again. Darksites wasn't bad, they actually helped me getting the Evil Plan Generator working for which they deserve major kudos, but 1) They had that annoying ankh thing whenever you scrolled, 2) The URL was too long and 3) The permanent "Sexy Webcam Girls!!!" banner really started to annoy. Hopefully this will be the *last* URL move this site goes through.

7-11-01 - Muahahahaha. It would seem that the clandestine operatives I placed inside our society and government have finally succeeded in their tasks. I am proud to say that Operation: Destroy Civilization is now underway. Phase One? Release information in book form. Phase Two? ... Phase Three? World domination!

Yes, it's true, So You've Decided to be Evil will be published in paperback sometime during the next year. Those masters of mayhem at Chronicle Books recently signed a contract with me, and everything is now underway.

What will be in it? Both the stuff you can already find here and a whole slew of new stuff. Entire sections on weather machines and weather balloons and books of evil and how to create board games that teleport users to parallel dimensions. The book also has a large number of additions to the already existing sections here (i.e. new lairs, fashions, henchmen, world domination schemes). Plus a whole lot more on female evil-doers, which has been sadly neglected until now.

Once again, muahahahahahaha.

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